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Pro Pond and Lakes is a fountain and aeration supply company. We offer top quality products, low prices, great customer service and quick shipments. You can place your order online 24/7 or call our office at  1-800-305-3277 to place an order over the phone or to get our professional recommendation for which aeration system is best for your pond or lake.

Aqua Master

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.

Pond & Lake Aerating Fountains
We offer top of the line brands including AquaControl, Kasco Marine, AirMax, AquaMaster, and Otterbine pond and lake fountains. When it comes to the aesthetics and oxygenation of your pond or lake, aerating fountains serve as a piece of decoration as well as help sustain the clarity and health of your pond or lake.

Surface Pond Aerators
The aeration system you choose for your lake or pond is an important decision. The process of aeration includes infusing oxygen into your pond or lake, helping to maintain the ecosystem of your water as well as improving the overall aesthetics. We offer leading brands in surface aerator systems including Kasco, Aqua-Master, and Otterbine.

Pond & Lake Lighting
ProPond & Lake offers a wide variety of lighting systems for your pond or lake. This includes Aqua-Master, Kasco Marine, AirMax, Otterbine and DeepGlow lights. Choose from single color or RGBW, multiple LED light systems. DeepGlow lights allow for underwater lights to illuminate your pond or lake.

Pond & Lake Accessories
Along with pond and lake fountains and aerators, we provide all the needed supporting accessories. This includes pond and lake dyes as well as bacteria and muck degraders to help keep your pond clean and attractive. De-Icer systems are also available as well as nozzles and the proskim filtration system.

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