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Aqua-Air Ultra Diffused Aeration Systems

***Aqua-Air Ultra Diffused Aeration Systems are custom built. Please call or email for the best pricing!

AquaAir® Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification. Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are increased throughout the entire water column with the use of bottom mounted diffusers. The diffusers employ a super fine micro-bubble technology resulting in the highest diffuser oxygen transfer rate (OTR) available today. The micro-bubbles draw water from the pond floor to the surface where atmospheric oxygen is absorbed and then transferred throughout the water column. This process provides excellent deterrence to thermal stratification (layers of different temperature within the water). The diffusers are connected by self-weighted Super Sink air supply tubing to a revolutionary cylindrical design enclosure containing one of four compressor sizes. System sizes range from 1/3 to 1HP and operate with 1 to 12 diffusers.

AquaAir® Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification. A stainless steel, base mounted enclosure containing up to four compressors delivers the highest air flow rates available. Service is made easy by “tool-less” compressor removal. Weighted Super Sink air tubing supplies air flow to the diffusers while remaining unseen and un-obstructive on the pond bottom. Coated, anti-fouling diffuser membranes utilize micro-bubble technology to synergistically lift water from the pond bottom to the surface where atmospheric oxygen transfer occurs and a subsequent, oxygen enhanced, beneficial circulation is created. AquaAir® Ultra is backed by a 3 year warranty on compressors.

Heavy Duty Cooling Fan


High Performance Membrane Diffuser Technology:

  • Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting
  • Large base area for soft bottom sediment
  • Self-cleaning, low maintenance construction
  • Ultra low back pressure check valve
  • Micro-bubble technology
  • Five year warranty Diffusers
  • All membranes feature a non-stick coating to prevent biofilm and calcium build-up
  • Single membrane features flexible 12″ disc
  • Dual membrane features two flexible 12″ membrane discs
  • Quad membrane features four flexible 12″ membrane discs

Aqua Air Series
Aqua-Air Ultra Diffused Air Device