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Trying to maintain your pond, but looking for an attractive, reliable fountain and lighting system? Aqua Control should be your go-to choice, as they manufacture innovative products that have high volumes and high pressures. Over the past few years, Aqua Control has been improving their pond and aeration systems, focusing on motor longevity and high-quality pump components.

If you’re interested in the Aqua Control brand, we stock Aqua Control fountains and LED Lightings. The fountains are popular for unique spray patterns and superior aeration capabilities. If you’re looking to create amazing light shows, the Aqua Control LED lighting systems are also a must-buy. Looking for a quote or ready to purchase a pond or lake item? Give us a call today.

Our Aqua Control Products

Aqua Control RGB LED Lights

AquaControl RGB LED Lights

Evolution Series LED Lighting

Untitled design

Aqua Control Evolution Series

Aqua Control Evolution Series Fountains

Spider and Arch Pattern

Fleur De Lis Pattern

Tiara Pattern

Cluster Arch Pattern

Arum Pattern

Diffused Aeration Systems

Aqua Control Fountains Available at ProPond & Lakes

At Aqua Control we pride ourselves on producing only the best performing fountains to add to any body of water.

Aqua Control 1/2HP Aerating Fountain Series

Part of our Evolution Fountain Series, they are the perfect solution for small ponds. These affordable floating units output an elegant conical spray pattern touching up to 6ft. high and 15ft. in diameter. The Evolution series has cord length options of 50’, 100’, 175’ all with quick disconnect features for a simple set-up. 

The products ProPond & Lake offers are guaranteed reliable, our motors are non-maintenance and their patented design is safe to use in all water types. Evolution Series fountains operate at 1/2HP in 20” of water or more. With the ability to aerate even 1/2 acre ponds, these fountains will improve water quality and enhance the ecosystems of your waters.

aqua control-evo

Aqua Control Fountain Patterns Available at ProPond & Lakes

Aqua Control offers a variety of fountain stream patterns, each with its own beautiful unique style.

Fleur de Lis Pattern: This pyramid shaped pattern creates a unique look for any lake or pond. The Fleur de Lis has a high and narrow center stream that is surrounded by 8 slightly smaller arching streams. Below those tiers are 8 more lower and wider arching streams to complete the full effect of this pattern. (Height: 7 ft. / 1,4m, Diameter: 18 ft. / 3m)

Spider and Arch Pattern: This pattern is very large in diameter, producing a widespread array of coherent streams. With 8 high arching streams on top of 8 wide arching streams, this fountain is sure to create an elegant, highly visible look. (Height: 5.5 ft. / 1,2m, Diameter: 18 ft. / 4m)

Tiara Pattern: The Tiara fountain pattern consists of a 3 tier design pattern. The first tier is a high central stream, the second tier surrounds this with 8 arching streams. The third and lowest tier consists of 8 wide arching streams which completes the Tiara look. (Height: 7 ft. / 1,5m, Diameter: 15 ft. / 3,7m)

Cluster Arch Pattern: The Cluster Arch is a tall minimalistic fountain that will turn your body of water into something elegant. It consists of 12 high arching coherent streams. (Height: 6 ft. / 1,25m, Diameter: 16 ft. / 2,7m)

Arum Pattern: The Arum Pattern is a simple two tier pattern that is highly visible and large in diameter with its tall center spray and the 12 coherent arching streams that surround its base. (Height: 6 ft. / 1,4m, Diameter: 21 ft. / 5,2m)

Aqua Control LED Lighting Available at ProPond & Lakes

Aqua Control LED Lights will brighten up any lake or pond, they can be placed above and below the waters surface!

Aqua Control RGB LED Lights

Illuminate your fountain during the night with Aqua Control’s RGB Color Changing Light Kit. It includes 4 light fixtures and power cords to fit with our Aqua Control Evolution Series Fountain. The lights put on a color changing show that switches from red, blue, green and color mixtures of the three in a 3 minute sequence.

  • For The 1/2 HP Evolution Fountains
  • 4 LED Color Changing Light Fixtures

Aqua Control Evolution Series LED Lighting- 9 WATT

This series of LED lights comes with four high powered Cool White lamps. Other color options ProPond & Lake offers include Red, Blue, Green, Yell, and Warm White.

  • Four high-power LED lights- 9w
  • Comes standard with Cool White lamps
  • *No additional charge for colored lamp when purchased for a new light set. Please specificy when ordering.
  • Choice of 50′, 100′ or 175′ Cord

Aqua Control Aerators Available at Propond & Lakes

Aqua Control’s premium aerators ensures your pond and lakes aquatic ecosystem to thrive. Our products produce oxygen rich waters while reducing the growth of algae and bottom sediment.

Aqua Control Shallow Water Diffused Aeration Systems

Offering your backyard pond or ponds as large as two surface acres the aeration they need. Aeration from our units will help improve your waters ecosystem by reducing amounts of algae and the build up of bottom sediment. Our affordable and energy efficient diffusers circulate your water effectively from the bottom up, releasing the air silently and without oil. 


  • SP 10: Includes a compressor, 25 of 3/8 Anchorline self-weighted air supply tubing and one stainless steel diffuser assembly. Maximum tubing length 350.
  • SP 20: Includes a compressor, 100 of 3/8 Anchorline self-weighted air supply tubing, valve manifold and two stainless steel diffuser assemblies. Maximum tubing length 166.
  • SP 30: Includes a compressor, valve manifold and three stainless steel diffuser assemblies. 5/8 Anchorline self-weighted air supply tubing sold separately) Maximum tubing length 700.
  • SP 40: Includes a compressor, valve manifold and four stainless steel diffuser assemblies. (5/8 Anchorline self-weighted air supply tubing sold separately) Maximum tubing length 530.

Find the Right Aqua Control Pond/Lake Product

Aqua Control Fountains are guaranteed to upgrade the aesthetic of your outdoor environment with our various spray patterns and LED Light add-ons. While the Diffused Aeration fountains can help with your aquatic environment,  creating a constant flow of water that will reduce the amount of algae and bottom sediment.

If you need assistance  or have questions about any of Aqua Control’s Fountains, Aerators, or LED Lighting Systems, reach out to the knowledgeable team here at ProPond & Lakes. Give us a call today to start your order. 

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