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AquaMaster aerating fountains can offer an aesthetic and unique touch to your backyard or waterscape, they also add an extreme amount of functionality.  Here at ProPond and Lake maintaining a healthy pond or lake is our specialty. Let us help in the process in picking the essential aerator or fountain for your needs. 

AquaMaster is among one of our highly reputable brands we are proud to carry. ProPond and Lakes, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are always available for questions, comments, or estimates you may have! Give Us a Call Today!

AquaMaster Decorative Series

AquaMasters Masters Series Red Tail Pattern

AquaMaster Master Series

Master Series Fountain with Valhalla Style Nozzle

AquaMaster Celestial Fountains

AquaMasters Celestial Fountain Leo Pattern

AquaMaster Volcano Series


AquaMaster Lighting Systems

Aqua-Master Lighting

Aerating Fountains Available at ProPond & Lakes

As providers of pond and lake management supplies, we want to offer you a large selection of lake and pond aerating fountains.


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AquaMaster Decorative Aerating Fountain Series:

The cost efficient Decorative Series allows the user to get a full performance out of their fountain. All decorative fountains, part of the Master’s Series, are available in existing patterns being offered.  Current fountains are available in 120V 1PH and 208-240V 1PH.

Made in North America, these ultimate floating fountains feature eight stunning displays to accent the natural landscape around them. Backed by a three-year warranty, these fountains are sure to make a lasting impression.


AquaMaster Master Aerating Fountain Series:

The Masters Series is AquaMaster’s premiere line of commercial floating pond fountains that provide the ability to change spray patterns, giving you the power to create dazzling waterscapes while improving water quality. Backed by a five-year warranty on water borne components and three-year warranty on electrical controls.

This premium line of fountains offers you many different nozzle types as well! We have basic flow nozzles that produce a simple and elegant design, straightened flow nozzles that utilize straightener technology for a cleaner look, adjustable straightened flow nozzles, and also specialty patterned nozzles.

  • Comes standard with a user-friendly cable disconnect assembly
  • ALL stainless steel (no plastic parts to crack and degrade over time)
  • Impeller-driven (instead of a “propeller”)
  • Oil-cooled


AquaMaster Celestial Aerating Fountains:

Designing a dazzling waterscape? AquaMaster has the solution with our Celestial Fountains! Featuring ten spray patterns to help create that wow impression on your guests. All are backed by a Total Component three year warranty that demonstrates AquaMaster’s ongoing Commitment to Excellence in Superior Aquatic Management Systems!

Made in North America, features eight stunning displays to complement any natural landscape. Other features include: 

  • All Stainless Steel Power Unit Construction for Extended Corrosion Resistance Strength
  • Specially Designed, Application Oriented, Energy Efficient, Oil Cooled Motors for Increased Longevity 7 Performance
  • Simple Installation & Assembly.


AquaMaster Volcano:

With an eye-catching and subtle water feature. The Volcano II and Hydromax Series provide astonishing results without all those rocketing streams and patterns like other fountains. In the end you’ll have a subdued, stunning water feature. Interested in learning more or getting a quote? Fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!



Enhance your outdoor experience with our custom LED lighting options.

AquaMaster Lighting Systems:

Introducing a new energy efficient, high lumen output LED for floating and fixed base fountains. AquaMaster LED Lighting Systems consist of LED lamps housed in all stainless steel submersible fixtures, stainless steel mounting brackets, stainless steel braided fixture jumper cables and electrical controls in unit panel. All LED lenses can be positioned above or below water. Housing should remain submerged for cooling purposes.



AquaAir® Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification.

AquaMaster AquaAir Ultra Diffused Aeration System:

Providing your pond with superior aeration and de-stratification, our system will improve your aquatic ecosystem. This stainless steel product is engineered to hold up to four compressors to deliver the highest airflow rates available. On the bottom of this system are mounted diffusers, they deploy micro bubbles which disrupt bottom sediments along the waters floor, this creates cleaner looking water. The AquaAir Ultra is also self-cleaning and very low maintenance.

  • System sizes range from 1/3 HP to 1 HP
  • Systems can operate with 1-12 diffusers
  • 5-year warranty diffusers
  • Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting
AquaMasters Celestial Fountain 120 Volt Night Glow Lighting

Find the Right AquaMaster Aerators, Fountains, and Lighting Systems for Your Pond or Lake

When it comes to the aesthetics and oxygenation of your pond or lake, aerating fountains are one of a kind. While serving as a piece of decoration, AquaMaster Aerating Fountains are engineered to help sustain the clarity and health of your pond or lake. Our AquaMaster AquaAir Ultra Diffuser is another product we offer to improve the water quality of your pond or lake.

If you are interested in brightening up your pond or lake, AquaMaster Lighting Systems will compliment any fountain with a beautiful array of colors.

There are many different fountain styles and sizes of aerators/diffusers available at ProPond & Lakes. If you need assistance choosing  or have questions about aerating fountains, reach out to the knowledgeable team here at ProPond & Lakes. Give us a call at 800-305-3277

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