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Kasco Marine products have been engineered with the goal to improve your water quality and move your water forward. ProPond & Lakes prides ourselves with supplying the industry’s highest quality products, personalized service, and fast delivery.

We offer many variations of Kasco Marine Fountains, Kasco Aerators, and Kasco LED Lighting to enhance any outdoor environment.

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Benefits of our Pond Aeration Fountains


Kasco Aerating Fountains help to supply an overall improvement of your water quality. These fountains provide superior oxygenation to lakes and ponds, resulting in a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Enhances Fish Habitat

By disrupting the stratification process through aeration, a much healthier environment will be provided for all aquatic organisms. The constant circulation of water paired with the increase in oxygen lets fish thrive.

Reduces the Likelihood of Algae and Bottom Sediment

With proper aeration being distributed to your waters through our fountains, amounts of algae and bottom sediment will decrease dramatically. The algae will have less available sunlight meaning less time to grow, and sediments will accumulate at a much slower pace

Kasco Marine Fountains Available at ProPond & Lakes

Kasco Marine J-Series

Our Kasco Marine J Series Fountains provide you with extravagant water works along with the reliability you need. The power of these fountains is suitable for any size lake or pond, producing a range of ¾ HP, and reaching up to 7 ½ HP. Each J Series fountain includes various premium nozzles that output multiple spray patterns. Additional features of this series include low operating costs, a 2-year warranty on ¾ and 1 HP units, and a 3-year warranty on units larger than 2 HP.

J-Series Benefits:

  • Increased Oxygen Transfer
  • Low Long-Term Operating Costs
  • Reliable and Efficient

Kasco Marine VFX

The Kasco Marine VFX Fountain is the most luxurious of fountains. This self-contained floating unit produces brilliant v-shaped circular display patterns, guaranteed to improve your outdoor environment. Our Marine VFX aerating fountains are constructed for durability with corrosion and clog resistance. Various configurations of this series exist, all from ½ HP to 5 HP.

VFX Series Benefits:

  • Durable and Corrosion Resistant
  • Self-Contained Floating Units
  • Incredible Oxygen Transfer Rates
  • Use On Pond, Lakes, Industrial Applications, etc.

Kasco Marine Aerators

Leading the market with more installations than any other manufacturer are Kasco Marine Surface Aerators and Kasco Marine Diffused Aerators. Reasons for this product’s success are its ability to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation. This level of efficiency aids in fish growth, population density, and great circulation. The stainless steel design allows the fountain to live in all water types(fresh, salt, municipal wastewater) and all environments, for example, commercial aquaculture, agricultural ponds, industrial plants, backyard ponds, etc.

Aerator Benefits:

  • Each is backed by a 2 year warranty (3 year for the 2, 3, and 5HP.)
  • Promotes a Healthy Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Helps Reduce Bottom Sediment Build Up and Algae

Kasco Marine LED Lighting

To further enhance any Kasco Fountain, we offer state-of-the-art Kasco LED Lighting options. All lighting fixtures are engineered to be cost-friendly and reliable, using a one piece composite housing and a lens that’s been ultrasonically welded, we provide our customers with a top of the line product. Now available in a plethora of colors, our displays are more dramatic than ever.

LED Lighting Benefits:

  • 100% Sealed Fixtures
  • Various Quick Disconnect Cord Lengths
  • Long-Lasting LEDs Eliminate Constant Bulb Replacement

Find the Right Kasco Marine Fountain for Your Pond or Lake

Kasco Marine Fountains are suitable for any size lake or pond. The state-of-the-art fountains and LED Lighting provide any body of water with a new extravagant look, while their aerators create a clean aquatic ecosystem for fish growth and a reduction of algae build up.

If you need assistance  or have questions about any of Kasco Marines Fountains, Aerators, or LED Lighting, reach out to the knowledgeable team here at ProPond & Lakes. Give us a call at 800-305-3277

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