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Pond and lake aeration is vital to the maintenance of ponds and lakes that are 6 feet or deeper. You can either choose from a surface aerator system or a diffused aeration system. Diffused aerators release air from the bottom of the lake, which can make the aeration more effective even in large ponds or lakes. By adding an aerator system to your pond or lake, you’ll be able to keep it healthy for your ecosystem and aesthetically pleasing.

Here at ProPond & Lakes, we offer leading brands in diffused aerator systems including AirMax, Otterbine, and Kasco. For any questions you have about our available diffused aerator systems, give us a call today at 800-305-3277 to receive a free estimate.

Airmax PondSeries

Airmax Shallow Water

Aqua-Air Ultra








Benefits of a Diffused Aeration System for Lakes & Ponds

Kasco Marine Robust Aire System

Aeration is the act of pumping air into your pond or lake. This is achieved through the interaction of the diffused aerator systems three parts: the air compressor, air hose, and air diffuser. The air compressor sits on shore, pumping air through the hose down to the air diffuser placed on the bottom of the pond or lake. The air diffuser then releases air, causing hundreds of air bubbles to form, circulating and aerating the pond or lake water.

Diffused aerators can be used with shallow or deeper ponds depending on the aerator model.

Each system must also have a dedicated power supply near the pond or lake. You may want to invest in a diffused aerator system for the reasons of:

  • In general, diffused aerators are more effective because they aerate from the bottom of the pond.
  • Provides an energy-efficient solution for shallow ponds.
  • Easy to install and maintain because the motor is located on shore.
  • Various price points—for maximum water movement of ponds of various sizes and depths.
  • Provides a non-obtrusive, out-of-sight solution for pond and lake aeration.


As leaders in pond and lake management, we can offer you a variety of diffused aeration systems perfect for your pond or lake.

Airmax PondSeries

AirMax PondSeries™ Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 8 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse PondSeries™ systems handle aeration without making a ruckus, and without breaking a sweat. The single plate PS10 system is excellent for smaller or regularly shaped ponds, while the 8 plate PS80 tackles larger water bodies up to 8 acres. It can even fit ponds with an irregular shape that require precision plate placement for well-distributed circulation.

All PondSeries™ Systems are designed to aerate pond up to 21′ deep, but can aerate up to 50′ deep when a Deep Water Kit (sold separately) is added.

Airmax PondSeries diffused aerator

Airmax Shallow Water

The Airmax Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems are an elegant solution to aeration needs for shallow ponds. They provide a multiple plate solution—offering evenly distributed aeration— without forcing you to buy large, costly aeration units. Designed specifically for shallow water at 6’ deep, the Shallow Water system covers up to ½ surface acre.

The core of the Shallow Water system is the SilentAir™ LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor. It’s impressively strong, yet energy efficient, costing a minimal amount in electricity per month, even while running 24/7. Each compressor comes with a 2-year warranty.

Airmax Shallow Water Series diffused aerator

Aqua-Air Ultra

If you have a pond or lake with unique circumstances, the custom-built AquaAir® Ultra Diffused Aeration System is for you. It provides superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification. De-stratification is a strategy where you disturb the tendency for lakes to separate into distinct water layers separated by temperature. System sizes range from ⅓ to 1HP, and operate with 1 to 12 diffusers. AquaAir® Ultra is backed by a 3 year warranty on compressors and comes custom-made—make sure to fill out our contact form, or call us.

Additional benefits of the Aqua-Air Diffusers:

  • Large base for soft bottom sediment
  • Self-cleaning, and low maintenance
  • Micro-bubble technology
  • Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting
  • Each membrane has a non-stick coating to prevent biofilm and calcium build-up
AquaAir Ultra diffused aerator

Solar Aqua-Air Ultra

Solar AquaAir® Ultra (SAAU) Aeration Systems are powered by the sun (made possible by polycrystalline solar panels), and backed up with maintenance-free battery banks for 24 hour per day operation. These systems are manufactured with the same components of the AquaMaster® AquaAir® Ultra aeration product line, providing robust operation requiring minimal maintenance.

If your pond or lake is located in a remote area with no power source, the Solar AquaAir® Ultra is perfect for you. Just like the AquaMaster Aqua-Air Ultra, this system comes custom built—so make sure to fill out one of our contact forms so we can assist you the best we can.

Solar AquaAir® Ultra Model ASSU1

Aqua Control Shallow Water Systems

Aqua Control’s Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration Systems are energy efficient and inexpensive to purchase. Designed to aerate and degas water bodies as small as ornamental backyard ponds or ponds up to two surface acres, these pumps operate only in water bodies less than 6 feet deep (2 meters). Some of the benefits of this system are:

  • Stainless steel diffuser base, designed to land upright when placed into a pond. The large area of the base prevents sinking into the pond bottom.
  • Rainproof compressor housing is made out of heavy cast aluminum.
  • 3-year warranty (not including diaphragm or filter)
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • Compressors are silent and oil-free.
Aqua Control Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration

Kasco Marine Robust-Aire

The Kasco Marine Robust-Aire System uses an easy to assemble, self-weighted, stainless steel base that lands upright upon hitting the bottom of a pond—every single time. All Robust-Aire™ diffused aeration systems are available with an optional remote manifold, allowing you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water’s edge. Additional benefits include:

  • No electricity in the water.
  • Effective in depths 8 ft. – 50 ft. (2.5M – 15M).
  • Compressor can be remotely installed — up to 1 mile away (1.6K).
  • Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted onshore.
Kasco Marine Robust-Aire diffused aerator

Kasco Marine Solar Aeration

The Kasco Marine Solar Aeration is easy to use and more powerful than anything on the market . Solar pond fountains are driven by the power of the sun!  Efficiently decreases severity of aglae blooms, prevents fish kills, eliminates odors and sediments.These patented controllers are available in solar only and solar + applications. All Solar diffused aeration systems increase performance and extend daily run time, allowing you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water’s edge. Additional benefits include:

  • Solar only controller 
  • Solar racking system
  • Solar panels
  • Solar powered fountain, pump, and float
  • Compressor can be remotely installed — up to 1 mile away
  • Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted onshore.
  • Warranties: Controller- 1 Year, Unit-3 years, and Solar Panels- 10 Years
kasco marine solar unit

Scott Solar Aeration

The Solar Sub Aeration System provides all the benefits of traditional aeration without the costly batteries, AC wiring and ongoing expense of grid power. This system aerates ponds up to 2.5 acres.  All Scott Solar Aeration systems provide low maintenance, high volume for any site and allows you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water’s edge. Additional benefits include:

  • Simple, plug and play wiring
  • Washable and reusable primary air intake filter
  • All-welded steel base with powder coat finish
  • Rated depth of 30’+
  • Stainless steel locking hasps & hardware will not rust
  • 100% factory testing ensures high quality
  • Liquid-filled, low-temperature pressure gauges
  • Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted onshore.
  • 2 Year Warranty on ALL products
  • Used for: De-icing, Golf Courses, Habitat Management, Pond and Lakes, Park, Weed and Algae control, etc.
scott solar aerator

Otterbine Air Flo 3

The Otterbine Air Flo 3 System has no visible appearance, allowing it to blend into the landscape. It’s able to operate in depths up to and exceeding 40 ft. or 12 m. Systems are available in a variety of configurations, featuring either single or dual disc manifolds—and most allow for future expansion if needed. The result—a healthy, clean environment for an aquatic habitat, combined with many other benefits:

  • No parts of the system or a spray pattern are visible from the lake’s surface.
  • No electricity or moving parts are near the water; ensuring safety for swimming, boating, and fishing.
  • One Air Flo 3 System can be used for multiple ponds.
  • All-inclusive 2-year warranty on entire package
otterbine air flo 3 diffused aeration system

Keeton Solar Powered

The Keeton Solaer Diffused Aeration System is a one-of-a-kind aeration system that was designed for lake or pond owners looking for alternatives to standard aeration. Solaer systems are great for both remote installations and environmentally conscience applications. They are for aquatic environments from small ornamental ponds to lakes up to 5 acres. (For lakes larger than 5 acres, please call us for a custom system quote.)

These fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating conditions. The battery backup system allows them to run normally under sub-par conditions as well. Built for both hot and cold climates, no climate is too harsh for this system.

Keeton Solar Powered Aeration System

Find the right diffused aeration system for your pond or lake

Diffused aerators are an excellent choice to maintain the health and appearance of your lake or pond. Various models are available to fit ponds and lakes from all sizes and depths.

If you need assistance choosing a brand, system, or have questions about diffused aeration systems, reach out to our knowledgeable team here at ProPond & Lakes. Give us a call at 800-305-3277.

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