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Family Owned and Operated for over 60-years Otterbine-Barebo has been know to build the best aerators and fountains in the world. Keeping their mission true in keeping waterways healthy, the Otterbine-Barebo takes pride that their products make the world a better place through clean water.

Otterbine 5-In-1

Otterbine 5 in 1 Fountain

Otterbine Series

Otterbine 5 in 1 Fountain

Otterbine Lighting

otterbine lighting

Benefits of a Having a Pond Aeration Fountain

Otterbine 5 in 1 Fountain
Otterbine 5 in 1 Archives Fountain

Having a high-quality and properly sized aeration system is essential for a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Natural occurrences or even simply, stormwater can throw off your ecosystem and add excessive nutrients to your water. By having a fountain aerator in place, you’ll be able to mitigate the damage and reduce water quality issues.

Reducing Excessive Algae Growth
Your pond or lake environment will be greatly improved upon adding a fountain aerators. Aerators help remove phosphorus from the water, thus greatly reducing the growth of algae. Your system may also move algae spores to deeper parts of your lake or pond, providing less sunlight and time for the algae to spread.

Less Bottom Sediment
Organic matter decomposes much more slowly under low oxygen conditions, and this leads to a buildup of bottom sediment in your waterbody. Proper aeration will help to reduce the overall accumulation of organic sediment on the bottom of your lake or pond, potentially prolonging or preventing the need for future dredging.

Better Environment for Your Ecosystem
Having an aerator in your pond or lake helps to promote an oxygen-rich aquatic environment which offers a healthier habitat for fish and aquatic life. The continuous circulation of water provided by an aerator also helps to reduce mosquito activity.

Aerating Fountains Available at ProPond & Lakes

As providers of pond and lake management supplies, we want to offer you a large selection of lake and pond aerating fountains.

Otterbine Series

The Otterbine Series provides more than just a floating fountain – from 1 to 5 HP, these surface spray aerators are not only attractive but highly beneficial for aeration in your pond or lake. The series we offer are:

  • Otterbine 5-in-1: There’s everything you could need in an aerating fountain for the Otterbine 5-in-1 and more. Within 10 minutes you can change within 4 different fountain spray patterns or convert to a horizontal mixer. Operating in as small as a 16 in or 41 cm pond, the 5-1-in consumes less energy and a significant savings cost.
  • Otterbine Aerating Fountains: We offer 11 of the most popular Otterbine Aerating Fountains, engineered for outstanding aeration and attractive displays. With as little as 30 in. of water, any of the Otterbine Aerating Fountains are perfect for your pond or lake.
  • Otterbine Surface Aerator: Providing a unique solution, Otterbine High Volume Pond and Lake Aerators manage water quality from low profile patterns to horizontal mixers can be used in a variety of applications. Our experience in wastewater treatments in performance and results delivered by these surface and subsurface industrial aeration systems.
  • Otterbine Diffused Aerator: The  Otterbine Air Flo 3 system provides a simple concept that pumps air through a pipe or tubing and release the air through a diffuser below the water’s surface. With this it creates no visible pattern allowing landscapes designs to remain serene and calm.

Otterbine Additional Products

Otterbine Lighting: Otterbine Lighting Systems provide 6.5W LED high output lighting systems that offer low energy and cost-efficiency. That’s an 80% energy savings! Compared to traditional MR16 halogen lighting, each light set is backed by our trusted 1-year rugged warranty. Some of Otterbine Lighting Systems included the following features:

  • Along with Otterbine Aerating Fountains being cost effective and low energy. Custom light configurations can make any pond or lake look stunning during dusk, evening and nighttime hours.
  • We offer light systems for 1-5HP units that are available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 light configurations. We also offer LED light sets for 10-25HP are available in 8, 12, or 16.
  • LED lighting systems come with standard shore mounted transformer and quick cable disconnect/emergency shut-off.
  • Most systems when purchased, a new 1/2HP-5HP unit come complete with a digital timer, transformer, and GFCI mount within the unit power control center. When purchasing a 10-25HP LED light system, controls will be mounted in a separate control center.
  • Lighting systems comply with UL 1838. Products being made for the European Union are safety tested, approved and carried by a third party independent CE mark.

Optional Accessories

  • Photocell and colored lenses (red, blue, green, yellow, and pink). Sequencer light sets are available, contact the factory for more information.
Otterbine 5 in 1 Fountain
Otterbine Lighting Systems for Ponds and Lakes
otterbine lighting

Find the Right Aerating Fountain for Your Pond or Lake

When it comes to the aesthetics and oxygenation of your pond or lake, aerating fountains are one of a kind. While serving as a piece of decoration, aerating fountains are engineered to help sustain the clarity and health of your pond or lake.

There are many different brands and sizes of aerating fountains available at ProPond & Lakes. If you need assistance choosing a brand, size or have questions about aerating fountains, reach out to the knowledgeable team here at ProPond & Lakes. Give us a call at 800-305-3277

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