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Otterbine Barebo Inc.

Otterbine “Super Nova” Giant Fountain

Largest Floating Fountain – 25HP/460 Volt

Price: $49,500 MSRP: $54,700

Product Features

The Giant Fountain float allows for easy height adjustment via a water intake which will minimize the visibility of the float and assist in keeping it level in the water. The power cable included is designed for underwater use. This 460 voltage unit has circuit breakers and it comes with a control panel. This unit is also backed up by an all-inclusive 4 year warranty.



The Giant Fountains require no routine maintenance. If the screen becomes clogged, the basket type screen can easily be removed while the fountain is in place and cleaned with a wire brush.


Giant Fountains must be removed in climates that experience cold winters and frozen waters before lakes freeze over. The motor and pump must be stored in a heated area that stays above 32° Fahrenheit or 0° Celsius.

RGBW Lighting System


Our color changing RGBW LED lights put out vibrant and bright colors all while being energy efficient! Each light set is backed by a 1-year warranty, comes with 24 pre-programmed sequences, and offers these additional features: 

Cost Effective

Integrated DC Power Supply allows for cleaner power and longer cable runs with smaller cable gauge.


RGBW Light Sets can be added to ANY Otterbine Fountain or Aerator System!


All RGBW light sets come standard with shore mounted transformer and cable quick disconnect feature.

Amazing Displays

Create dramatic effects with 24 factory programmed color sequences.

Safety Listed & Protected

Our entire lighting package complies with UL 1838, this includes: the 4-Light sequencing set, NEMA 4X Fiberglass Power Control Center and Controller Box, and Cable.

Long Lasting

These lights last for up to 70,000 operating hours- that’s 8 years!

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