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Pond and lake lighting systems are every bit as effective as they are beautiful. The added illumination from most popular brands allows you to view your water feature at any time of day, especially at night.

At ProPond & Lakes, we offer highly respected brands for lake and pond lighting, including AquaControl, Kasco, Otterbine, and DeepGlow lights. You can choose from single colors or RGBW, multiple LED light systems. Our DeepGlow products utilize underwater lights to illuminate your pond or lake. Along with our reliable products, we work hard to ensure total customer satisfaction. For pricing or to discuss our custom-built lighting systems, please call us at 800-305-3277 or email us.

Aqua-Master Lighting

AquaMaster Pond and Lake Lighting System

Kasco Marine Lighting

Kasco Marine Pond and Lake Lighting System

Scott Aerator Lighting

color changing led scott aerator light

AirMax Lighting

AirMax Pond and Lake Lighting System

Otterbine Lighting

Otterbine Pond and Lake Lighting System

Deep Glow Lighting

Deep Glow Pond and Lake Lights

Benefits of a Lake or Pond Lighting System

Kasco Marine Pond and Lake Lighting System

If you are looking to light up your pond or lake, we highly recommend LED Lights. This is because LED lights are:

  • Easily visible at any period of the day
  • Durable due to being encased in stainless steel fixtures
  • Decorative, allowing hosts to add light shows to their event or occasion
  • Positionable at, above, and below water

Lighting Systems Available at ProPond & Lakes

Due to our expertise in the lake and pond industry, we at ProPond & Lakes are capable of providing our customers with top-name brand products and high-quality LED lighting systems. We have a large selection of lighting systems for you to choose from.

AquaMaster LED Lighting Systems

AquaMaster LED Lights are decorative, energy efficient, and put out high quantities of illumination. The LED lamps are housed in stainless steel fixtures, brackets, and fixture jumper cables. They’re color-changing, customizable, vibrant and highly detailed for shows. Each comes with a 3-year warranty.

ProPond & Lakes offers AquaMaster’s RGBW LED lights—as well as 11, 22, and 35 watt LED lights. Both variants are highly durable and are easily operated.

AquaMaster LED Light System

Kasco Marine LED Lighting Systems

Kasco Marine offers high-quality lighting solutions for both ponds and lakes. The LED lights are energy efficient, which translates to a smaller bill, and most models in the Kasco Marine lighting have a one-piece composite housing that is leak-free and can be lit for hours. For our Kasco Marine Line, we offer:

Kasco Marine 3 LED Lighting System

Kasco Marine RGB Lighting Systems

Kasco Marine RGB offers high-quality lighting solutions for both ponds and lakes. The RGB systems allow you to choose from 9 colors, 3 rhythmic sequencing patterns, and 5 brightness levels. These kits can be set to music by using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm auxiliary audio cord and any other playing devise with standard aux output. These lights are available for J series, VFX fountains and surface aerators.  For our Kasco Marine colors, we offer:

Kasco Lights
kasco lights 2

AirMax Lighting Systems

Change the look and feel of your backyard or commercial property with breathtaking lighting systems from AirMax. The LED White Light Set and the RGBW Light Set are well-crafted, have completely sealed light fixtures, preset programs, and are perfect for night lighting displays.

  • AirMax LED White Light Set: Using less than 40 watts of power, this lighting system is energy-efficient with a high-output 120-volt design. This set also includes an underwater disconnect and stainless steel braiding between each fixture. It also features power leads to protect your power cord.
  • AirMax RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Set: This light set changes to the colors: white, blue, green, red and more. It will include an underwater disconnect and stainless-steel braiding between each light fixture, offering more durability in the design.
AirMax LED Pond and Lake White Light Set

Otterbine Lighting Systems

Otterbine lighting systems are incredibly energy-efficient, using a minimal 6.5 watts for power. In comparison to MR16 halogen lights, Otterbine’s LED lights are 80% more efficient, and zero quality is sacrificed. Otterbine lights are customizable—and it is guaranteed they will make a splash at your next gathering.

Some additional benefits include:

  • All LED Lighting Systems come with a standard shore mounted transformer and cable quick disconnect feature
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
Otterbine Lighting Systems for Ponds and Lakes

Deep Glow Lighting Systems

Dramatically improve the look and feel of your waterfront property with a high-quality, patented underwater lighting system from Deep Glow. You’ll benefit from the easy installation of a Deep Glow lighting system. They’re designed to be thrown, dropped or placed into the water, and they’ll automatically reposition to face the water’s surface. In the night, this system provides water illumination for docks, bridges, and piers.

Benefits of the Deep Glow Lighting System:

  • Patented design with a metal halide bulb in a tri-level protective case
  • One-year limited warranty for replacement or repair of manufacturer defects
  • Bright, easy to install and fantastic for attracting fish.

Deep Glow Lights are available in three colors:

  • Deep Green – Best for murkier waters like bays and inlets
  • Bahamas Blue – Recommended for clear water
  • Crystal Clear – Great for any water type
Deep Glow Underwater Lighting System

Scott Aerator Lighting Systems

Dramatically improve the look and feel of your waterfront property with these high quality, underwater lighting systems. You can choose from Night Glo LED Residential Fountain lights and Color-Changing LED fountain lights. These light kits are for long lasting, energy efficiency, and designed for years of carefree enjoyment for any occasion! These light kits will make any pond or lake look stunning during dusk, evening, and nighttime hours. LED lighting systems come with standard shore mounted transformer and quick cable disconnect/emergency shut-off. 

Color-Changing Lighting Systems:

  • Color Changing colored lenses are available in 2, 4 light sets.
  • Lights are available for 1/3-3 HP in 9 Watts per fixture and 12 Volt light configurations.
  • Colors available are: Red, blue,  and green.
  • Additional colors are: Purple, gold, hot pink, and orange.
  • Cord Length Standard 100 Feet (* For additional length call us to make a customized quote*)
  • Bright, easy to install and fantastic for attracting fish.

Night Glo LED Residential Fountain Lights:

  • Lights are available in 2, 3, and 4 light sets.
  • Lights are available in 1/3-3 HP
  • Available color includes: Warm White lights.
  • Cord Length Standard 100 Feet. (* For additional length call us to make a customized quote*)
scott aerator night glo

Find the Right Light System for Your Pond or Lake

The LED light system that you pick for your lake or pond is important. Our inventory at ProPond & Lakes offers a variety of different brand lighting systems that operate at an optimal level. Our pond and lake experts are extremely knowledgeable about LED light systems, and they will assist you in picking out the right system that fits your water feature.

At ProPond & Lakes, we provide the best LED light systems and great customer support. Visit our site, or call us at 800-305-3277 to receive advice on your next lighting system.

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