Aqua-Librium- 25 lb. Pail


Aqua-Librium- 25 lb. Pail
All Natural Beneficial Bacteria


Aqua-Librium: All Natural Beneficial Bacteria

Aqua-Librium is an all natural beneficial bacteria. This product is designed to balance ponds and lakes by lowering ammonia, removing nutrients and controlling odors. It is a unique formula of select biological species, 23 essential vitamins, biostimulants and fast-acting enzymes that are essential to healthy and robust microbiological development. Aqua-Librium is environmentally friendly as well as irrigation and swim safe. For best results this product should applied when the water temperature is between 60ºand 80º. The packets should be distributed around the edge of the pond. It is also recommended to use Aqua-Librium along with an aeration system.


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