Black Magic WSP 5.25 oz. Single Pack


Black Magic WSP is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-soluble black dye formulated for a natural black color when applied to any water feature.



Features & Benefits


Black, reflective color

Unique packaging eliminates risk of staining during   handling

Every overpack is fully labeled to prevent   misapplication

No irrigation or recreational restrictions


Use Rates

Each Black Magic WSP  will effectively treat 1 acre foot, or approximately 325,857 gallons, of water. While holding the foil-lined overpack, drop or throw Black Magic WSP into the body of water.

This Product is not classified as hazardous substance. However, observe good industrial hygiene practices. Wear rubber gloves when applying this product to protect hands from staining. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

30 packs = 1 single pack

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


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