Floating Fusion Aerating Fountain 2HP – 230V



The Perfect Submersible Motor

Custom-made proprietary 1/2 to 2HP motors with a 3 level sealing system. Two SiC/SiC seals in a chamber filled with biodegradable oil work in tandem with a moly-filled lip seal to keep contaminates out of the motor. Heavy duty NSK Ball Bearings increase motor durability, and a special custom shaft allows direct connection of the precision propellers.

The Perfect Pump

Our new Fusion Series pump design features redesigned propellers and output fairing. These highly efficient pumps create high streams while continuing to pump great volumes. A large suction screen catches debris to prevent clogging the nozzles.

The Perfect Nozzle System 

The revolutionary Multi-Nozzle system allows for creation of hundreds of high quality patterns by assembling the provided nozzle components in various ways. The nozzles have .5″ or .6″ ID openings to allow for high volumes to be pumped while creating beautiful coherent streams. The nozzle system includes an Optional Twister Module that can enable almost any of the patterns created to rotate. The Standard Fusion Nozzle Package includes the parts to create six popular patterns. Our Nozzle Extension Package allows for creation of numerous additional displays. Adding the innovative Twister Module enables the patterns to rotate at a wide range of speeds.

The Perfect Lights

The Fusion Float was designed for direct attachment of the popular, affordable 30W Sealed Stainless Steel LED Lights. Choose a two or four fixture light set in a solid color (cool white, warm white, amber, blue, green, or red) or Auto-RGB to customize the display for your unique application.

What comes in the box?

Single Phase Fountain With Float and Intake Screen

Controller With GFCI, Photo Sensor & Timer

Multi-Nozzle With The Standard Nozzle Package

100′ Mooring Rope

2 Mooring Stakes

Nozzles included:

Additional information

Wire Length

50' with Quick Disconnect, 75' with Quick Disconnect, 100' with Quick Disconnect, 125' with Quick Disconnect, 150' with Quick Disconnect, 175' with Quick Disconnect, 200' with Quick Disconnect


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