Get the Muck Outta Here- 30 lb. Pail


Get the Muck Outta Here – 30 lb. Pail
Muck Degrading Bacteria


Get the Muck Outta Here- Muck Degrading Bacteria

Get the Muck Outta Here consists of all -natural bacterial pellets that remove up to 70% of pond sludge. They are a slow release pellets that sink to the bottom of the pond into the muck and reduce it by stimulating naturally occurring bacteria and adding sludge eating cultures. This product works best when the water reaches at least 60º noting that the warmer the water the faster the bacteria reproduce and digest sludge. It can be used in a traditional dose or a super dose for ponds that need to reduce large amounts of muck. Get the Muck Outta Here is sold in a 10lb and 30lb pail and should be used monthly based on the depth of muck. The Pond and Lake Connection feels that this product will be a great tool for our customers where dredging is needed but the cost of the dredging project is quite large.


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