NEW Kasco 6 LED Light Set- 11 Watt


Kasco’s new, revolutionary LED lights are the perfect addition to any fountain. These warm white LED’s is designed to closely replicate our current bronze fixture light output for excellent illumination of all fountains from 1/2HP to 7.5HP.


This is a double set of the LED-3C11 Lights for a total of 6 lights including light brackets and the additional float brackets needed for installing on any 2HP to 7.5HP. The complete set includes everything you need to attach and use on these larger fountains and floats for a dramatic lighted display. Colored Lenses are Included!


Additional information

Wire Length

50' without Quick Disconnect, 50' with Quick Disconnect, 100' without Quick Disconnect, 100' with Quick Disconnect, 150' with Quick Disonnect, 200' with Quick Disconnect, 250' with Quick Disconnect, 300' with Quick Disconnect, 350' with Quick Disconnect, 400' with Quick Disconnect


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