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Technical Assistance: ProPondandLakes.com is committed to providing our customers with not only the best products in the business, but the best customer service as well. We are always eager to assist you with product selection, product information, product use and design components or any other assistance you may need. Call our technical department anytime to speak with one of our technicians.

Ordering Merchandise: Our customers are able to place product orders Three ways.

  1. On-Line – Through our secure On-Line store at www.propondandlakes.com
  2. Fax Order – You may order by fax to (203) 426-2078 at any time, day or night.
  3. Phone Order – Call our toll free long distance number, (800) 305-3277 to place your order by phone.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: We only accept credit card charges to the amount of $4,000.00. Amounts greater than this must be made by check or money order. This policy is for our customer’s security only.

Shipping Information:
Shipping prices vary based on:
1) your location
2) the product weight
3) the dimensions of the box we ship.

Shipping prices may change at anytime without notice. Most items weighing less than 150 pounds will ship via UPS ground in one or more heavy-duty shipping boxes. Some items will ship without a box such as bacteria pails. Many of the items shipped by motor freight are stacked, shrink-wrapped and shipped on “skids”. Once a skid arrives at your location it can easily be “broken down” and boxes removed from the truck individually so a forklift is not necessary. Damaged Shipments; It is the customer responsibility to inspect shipments once they arrive. Inspect your shipment carefully before you sign for the merchandise. If you find damage to either the shipping box or the merchandise, YOU MAY REFUSE DELIVERY without penalty. Once you sign for the merchandise, the carrier is no longer liable for shortages or damage.

Payment Options: Our customers may purchase products in 2 ways.

  1. Credit Card – We accept Visa and MasterCard only up to a maximum charged amount of $4,000.00.
  2. Personal or Business Checks – We will accept a personal or business check, however the check must clear our bank before shipment is made.

Please call ahead so you have accurate shipping charges before sending your check.

Warranty: ProPondandLakes.com honors all manufacturers’ warranties. Each manufacturer has their own rules pertaining to warranties, which we must follow. Submersible pumps that have been run out of water, have cut power cords, disassembled or have been altered in any way will not be covered under warranty. Any product not used for its intended purpose, altered, damaged, improperly assembled or maintained, or otherwise neglected will not be covered. Shipping cost to us or to the manufacturer is not covered by the warranty. Shipping the item back to you will be paid by the manufacturer or ProPondandLakes.com unless the unit is not covered by warranty then the customer pays shipping both ways.

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